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Oneroa beachWelcome to Oneroa on Waiheke island. If you are a virtual visitor, I hope you will soon be able to visit for yourself since photos can't convey the full sensation of a place like Waiheke.

The photo is taken from the path leading down to the beach near the bus stop and VideoEzy at the top of Ocean View Road. To get to the beach, you should take this path and not the road, which is mainly a service road for the shops. (If you do take the road, you can stop for a coffee or baked items at Little Wai.) When you get down to the beach you can walk to the left or to the right. There are paths back up to Oneroa, whichever way you go.


Oneroa beach

If you walk along the beach to the right you will eventually come to some rocks with a scattering of rock pools and mini beaches. From here, it is possible to go around on the rocks to Little Oneroa Beach, which is very pleasant (but keep out of the lagoon) and is a popular swimming beach with locals.

From Little Oneroa you can either walk up the grassy bank and take the cliff-top path on the seaward side of St. Peter's Church back to Oneroa or you can cross the road and walk down Moa to the quieter Blackpool side of the island and walk along The Esplanade. (Don't expect anything grand.)

Blackpool beach

This part of the island tends to be quiet, with many more sea birds than people, but it certainly has its own charm. If you want to explore this side of the island further, it is possible to walk around the headland (with the sea on your right) to the next village: Surfdale.

Oneroa beach

After wandering around, or maybe swimming, you might be ready to explore the shops and cafes of Oneroa, which are all dotted along Ocean View Road.

Oneroa beach

The cafes are all pretty informal and tend to be family-friendly places. In the centre of Oneroa, it possible to look out over the bay. One new building juts out perpendicular to the road and here you can eat at Wai Kitchen or the Red Crab Thai restaurant. A few yards further down is Sandbar, which, as the name suggests, is a bar, it has outside seating and sells some bar snacks. It is down some steps just past the Four Square shop. Also down the stairs is the local fish and chip shop (eat in or take out). Across the road is Ricky's and the new Oyster Inn, a restaurant/bar and boutique hotel.